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As a yoga practitioner for over 10 years, and having attended several yoga retreats around the world, I know well what yogis and yoga teachers are looking for during their retreats.

I know Ibiza very well, I’ve been travelling to the island for the last 10 years, and I’ve been living here with my family for the past year. I truly believe Ibiza is a very special place, and I would love to show my fellow yogis the astounding natural beauty and the many healing influences of this island.
Ibiza is a very powerful place, believe me! Even the local politicians are now working on making Ibiza a “Healing island” in the coming years.

I will help you organize your retreat.
This would include being the intermediate with the owner, and the chef that would come and cook on site. According to your diatery wishes (vegan, detox, alkaline, gluten free, all with local and organic products from the island). I will propose different chefs and menus.
I will also organize all the annex activities, such as:
Kirtan evening, with beautiful musicians and singer from the island
Guided walks in nature, to the most beautiful spots on the island
A beautiful afternoon of Temaskal with a shaman women from Inca tradition (only from November to March)
Sound bath healing group sessions
Hang music players that can accompany your yoga classes
Therapists that can come to the house (ayurvedic massage, ostheopath, cranio sacral, etc)
A day trip to Formentera on a sailing boat
And I will be there to guide you and your students to the most authentic places and villages, beautiful beaches, local artisanal markets, special events (for example: drums evening on the beach, etc…). I’ll pick you up at the airport and accompany you at the house.
Of course, You choose and pick up the activities you want to propose to your students. And if you have other wishes or ideas, I’m here to help you.

I have been meeting very inspiring people who lives on the island, and I would love to share with you their practice and their many talents.

My main criterias for selecting the houses are at first: the nature, the view, the location, and of course the yoga deck. Most of the houses I propose are in the north of the island, in the quiet and authentic part of the island, away from the crowd and tourist circuits.

Depending on the house, the time of the year, and the number of students you plan to have, I will send you 2 different options of houses.
Most of the teachers earn over 3’000 euros per 6/7 days retreat with around 10 students – for a retreat around 1’200 euros for 7 days.

I have worked as an architect for the last 15 years, specializing in sacred geometry, geobiology and purification of the homes. I have visited most of the yoga centers on the island with the eye of an architect, looking at all the practical elements of the environment and the house, but also being able to sense all the other invisible influences of the place, looking beyond the visible aesthetic of the house, feeling the vibrations.
I would like to propose a place of profound reconnection, that will provide grounding, harmony and balance to your students.

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